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mass exercise with nadia and olga sokolski


Mass exercise with Nadia and Olga Sokolski. Join us in fiskultura exercise! Become a work of art! Become a fiskulturnik! - The Sokolski sisters coming soon to your square!

‘The aim of Sokolski sisters is to develop a mass and direct involvement with the art of fiskultura in every country, every city, every village, on every square!’

Olga Sokolska, 23-08-07.

The day of 23rd of August 2007 will be remembered in the history of fiskultura, as the day when Sisters Sokolski embarked on an ‘Agit train’ of physical, intellectual, moral and artistic change. Fiskultura instructor Olga Sokolska, and her younger sister prima fiskulturnitza Nadia Sokolska, began on that day spreading the word of fiskultura to fellow comrade citizens with boundless enthusiasm.

Despite the struggle and hard work, sisters Sokolski’s righteous belief is strengthened with each performance. As more and more people are joining in, the barricades dividing performers and viewers are further smashed.  With each performance the Sokolski Sisters are a step closer to their ultimate goal: to revive the art of fiskultura.