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Suffragette Slet 2012

Suffragette Slet 2012 – Flocking of Birds

Performance Klub Fiskulturnik celebrates 101st International Women’s Day with live art performance Suffragette Slet 2012 – Flocking of birds on the 8th of March 2012 at the Construction Gallery.

PKF is developing site-specific material that employs group interaction and performance making possibilities facilitated by the social media. Drawing on the aesthetic of suffragettes, socialist female workers, revolutionary monuments, mass calisthenics and Agit-prop the piece will be directed and co-ordinated via social media, culminating in a live performance.

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PKF statement

PK Fiskulturnik creates artwork inspired by the human body, physical exercise and the corporeal and visual heritage of contemporary societies. Investigating the notion of embodiment through re-enacting archived physical exercise manuals, using them as a corporeal text around which to construct the performance, forms an important creative strategy for PK Fiskulturnik projects. Furthermore, the viewers are asked to be active participants rather then passive observers letting the communication to happens beyond words – directly to and through the body, each performance thus becoming a unique collective experience.